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  • The MPM Book (Marketing Performance Management)

    If you want to know more about MPM we invite you to read our book. This book contains both general explanations of what MPM is as well as insights on how to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Examples and recommendations are inspired by real success stories that we have experienced with Musqot clients from many different industries and countries.

    Feel free to download the book as a PDF file or fill in your information below and we will send you the book Free of Charge!

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Feel free to download our MPM book as a PDF file.

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Chief Marketing or Chief Growth Officer

There is an interesting trend in many companies to change the titles in the management teams.  It started, as always, at the start-ups in Silicon Valley. Their new business models also...

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Unleash your creativity

As marketeers, creativity is in our DNA’s. More than anything else, we strive for creativity. We want to be creative as individuals and we want to enable our marketing teams to be...

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The wide scope of Martech

The wide scope of Martech can be separated in many sub sets – but you have to keep it together as well. I recently read a great article from Scott Brinker at Chief Martech (check it...

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