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Brand New White Paper published

We just published a new white paper, written by our Head of Sales. This time we are exploring B2B sales & marketing… how the consumer market has changed over the last 10-15 years.

How we, as consumers, can check the best prices, the quality of products, services and suppliers on the go. Before the internet era, we had little knowledge if a price at a store was high or low and it was difficult to learn from the experience from other users.

Here is a brief excerpt of the information: “The market for used cars is a good example of this transformation. Now we can easily check the relevant price for a specific model and year, we can find the full history of the specific car that we are interested in, service history, ownership etc. We can also look for model specific issues, we can find recommendations from other owners of this model. On top of this, we can easily find references on the car dealer and learn if this dealer is ok or not.

From a technology perspective this is of course a result of the internet, social medias, chat forums and all the other applications and sites that we are using. But perhaps more interesting than technology is the shift in balance of information and knowledge that this development has enabled. The ”pre-internet” days were characterized by asymmetric knowledge. The car dealer had all the information and the potential buyer had none or at least very little knowledge.”

To find out more and get access to this white paper, go to the Musqot White Paper Download page and make a request to download.



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