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    Successful adoption of marketing technology is all about the balance between organizational expectations and system performance.

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    Successful adoption of marketing technology is all about the balance between organizational expectations and system performance.

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Musqot Campaigns & Activities Tool



Defining the scope of a Marketing activity

From time to time you might find yourself in a situation where you are uncertain whether to setup one or several Marketing activities in Musqot. For example, you might have sponsored a weekly TV-show for 5 weeks. This campaign can be saved as 5 Marketing activities, i.e. one for each show – or as 1 Marketing activity that runs for 5 weeks.

Projects may be created on top of each other in an unlimited chain of Sub projects, each of which can hold Marketing activities, enabling you to create a hierarchy that fit’s whatever organization or business structure you are working with.

Bundling the “spots” together will be administratively easier initially, but afterwards you will have less analytics data to work with. The more detailed you are when defining and saving Marketing activities, the better foundation you get for your post-campaign analytics and future performance optimization.

Marketing activities are displayed with icons in the Gantt view

Each type of Marketing activity, such as sponsorships, advertising, tradeshows, just to name a few examples (each type can be set up by your administrator) has a unique icon. These icons are displayed in the Gantt view calendar, which makes it easy to get an overview of what type of activities that are planned during a certain period of time, and how many they are.

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  • Using Musqot with Salesforce.com CRM

    If your company uses Salesforce.com as your CRM system, you can now expand your CRM solution with powerful capabilities for your marketing department – without even having to adopt a new IT system!

    If your company does not use Salesforce.com as CRM system – no worries! Musqot is for everyone, and just as easily available without Salesforce.com

Customers Quotes

  • “I am very excited about the install of Musqot from the AppExchange. Everything installed properly and I really like it – it is intuitive and very deep in levels of activity without taking a lot of custom tabs”

    Nancy Franklin / Special Projects Lead

  • “We have chosen to work with Musqot for their solution’s flexibility, which lets us setup marketing plan hierarchies, workflows, dashboards and performance metrics – based on the requirements that are relevant specifically for our marketing operations here at Lavazza”

    Robert Ameln / Managing Director

  • “At Sqore we have been evaluating different options for “marketing planning & performance management systems”, and came to the conclusion that we wanted to go for the Musqot solution”

    Maria Paulsson Rönnbäck / COO


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