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    Find Musqot at Salesforce AppExchange & see how
    You can enhance Your marketing performance.

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Collaboration & Workflow

Automated collaboration & workflow support

To automate a workflow or a process will make a big improvement of an organizations efficiency. It enables the team to spend less time on manual work and more time focusing on delivering value to the organization. It also speeds up the execution since the tasks will flow through the process.

One feature of an automated workflow is the trigger. If a critical task is delayed or not done according to plan, a trigger will send a notification to highlight that there is a potential problem. Since it will be an early warning signal, there will be time to solve any potential issue, before it turns into a big problem. Using automated workflows, instead of manual processes, also makes life so much easier for everyone. There is no need to worry and having to check if things are done or not, Instead, there is a system in place that will highlight if there are any potential problems. And if you want to follow up the progress, there is no need to send e-mails or call your colleagues, just take a look in Musqot and you will find all the information.

  • Workflow example 1

    Example 1

    This an example of a document approval process. It could for example be the proof reading of a text for a campaign in social medias. The person who has written the text sends it for proof reading and approval. However, the approver finds an issue in the text and rejects the approval request and sends it back for a fix. After that the problem is resolved, and the document can be passed forward for publication.

    It could also be the case that the approver is not available. Then there will be a trigger back to the writer, with a notification of the potential issue.

    All these steps are automated so the actors only has to do the important job of writing and proof reading. The rest of the work is automated. Imagine how much time this saves, instead of sending e-mails back and forth and having to follow up.

    The result is that there is nothing that ”falls between the chairs”. All the small, but important details. in a marketing activity will be done.

  • Workflow example 2

    Example 2

    Another example of a workflow is to ensure that a marketing activity is reaching the objectives. Here we see an e-mail invitation for an event that is planned.

    The objective is to have a defined number of persons to accept the e-mail invitation by a specific date. If that milestone is not reached, there will be a notification sent to the project manager, so that she can engage other activities to increase the number. For example to launch another campaign in social medias.

    This built in intelligence, that will notify you if a milestone is not reached, will give you an early warning and time to engage with additional activities in order to reach the objective and have a successful event.

  • Workflow example 3

    Example 3

    We are all working with budget constraints, one way or the other. In Musqot there is a feature that allows you to send an early warning when you are about to run out of your budget. Once again, this is an early warning to enable you to solve this before it is to late. In the best of worlds you get the additional budget, and otherwise you will at least have the time to adjust the planned activities to fit your current budget.

    This highlight of an upcoming budget issue will keep you in control, so that you can manage the budget according to the real life situation.

  • Workflow example 4

    Example 4

    One critical aspect of projects in general, and marketing projects in particular, is the lack of follow up.

    We all know that this is very important – and still so many organizations fail to do a proper follow up. One way to enforce this, is to set up an automated workflow, where the users can not initiate a new project or activity until they have conducted a proper follow up of the previous ones that have been completed.

    Hard stops like this are very effective to enforce the process. But there is also an obvious risk that the formal processes are replaced by informal ways of working. However used in the right way, and in the right context, this is very powerful. It is an example of how you can enforce any process and ensure that every step is taken in the right order.

  • Reading Mpm Book
  • Using Musqot with Salesforce.com CRM

    If your company uses Salesforce.com as your CRM system, you can now expand your CRM solution with powerful capabilities for your marketing department – without even having to adopt a new IT system!

    If your company does not use Salesforce.com as CRM system – no worries! Musqot is for everyone, and just as easily available without Salesforce.com

Customers Quotes

  • “I am very excited about the install of Musqot from the AppExchange. Everything installed properly and I really like it – it is intuitive and very deep in levels of activity without taking a lot of custom tabs”

    Nancy Franklin / Special Projects Lead

  • “At Sqore we have been evaluating different options for “marketing planning & performance management systems”, and came to the conclusion that we wanted to go for the Musqot solution”

    Maria Paulsson Rönnbäck / COO

  • “We have chosen to work with Musqot for their solution’s flexibility, which lets us setup marketing plan hierarchies, workflows, dashboards and performance metrics – based on the requirements that are relevant specifically for our marketing operations here at Lavazza”

    Robert Ameln / Managing Director


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