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Coordinating marketing channels Musqot

Coordinating marketing channels

Only a couple of years back the concept of ”influencer marketing” hardly existed. Besides sponsoring a few bloggers, it is not until recently that this has developed into a  function or a role. Today, influencer marketing is a strategic channel and an established function in the marketing teams. 

This is only one example of emerging new channels. They all different, reaching different parts of the market and in different contexts, which is excellent. We can now reach exactly the right target group in the right context at the right time with the right message.

All these channels are great tools for us marketeers and also a big challenge, since we need a coordinated strategy and tactics across all of them. This will require the marketing teams to work closer together, to ensure that everyone knows what is going on, where to put the focus and not to deviate from the strategy.

In a small team this is not a big problem, weekly and daily meetings will keep everyone on the same page. Or just a chat over lunch or at fika as we say in Sweden.

But for ordinary teams or teams that are on different sites or simply different floors in the same building, collaboration soon becomes an issue. Team meetings are not sufficient and spreadsheets are not transparent enough and does not fulfil the needs for collaboration. 

On top ot these practical issues, many marketing organizations are divided into different silos for different channels, since each channel requires specific skills and expertise. But the collaboration is critical, so that everyone understands the overall strategy and tactics and how their individual contributions will drive in that direction. 

A platform for collaboration in the marketing teams is no longer a nice-to-have tool, but a strategic function to stay competitive. By enabling the entire team to sharing all information from strategic objectives and activities to ”who-is-doing-what” and to visualize the business outcome will ensure that the team is running in the same direction and delivering the same message. Regardless if they are located all around the globe or just on two floors. 

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