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Musqot WhitePaper MPM

White Paper explaining the basics of MPM published

We just published a new white paper, written by our Ceo. In this White Paper you will get the answers to what Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is, what are the benefits, why MPM is becoming so important for many organizations and some handy tips when thinking of getting started with MPM.

Here is a brief excerpt of the information: ” Popular metrics used in analysis include activity-based metrics that involves numerical counting and reporting. For example, tracking downloads, Web site visitors, attendees at various events are types of activity-based metrics.

Linking marketing to business outcomes, such as sales figures and market share growth, is in some ways even more important, even if sometimes more difficult as well.

While metrics data can be manually populated in a Marketing Performance Management (MPM) system, any efficient management of larger volumes of information typically requires the Marketing Performance Management system to be integrated with external data sources. Examples of such data sources are Social media platforms, CRM-systems and ERP-systems.”


To find out more and get access to this white paper, go to the Musqot White Paper Download page and make a request to download.


Musqot WhitePaper MPM

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