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Are you in total control of your marketing operations? Most small and medium size businesses tells us about how their marketing plans are made up of a number of spreadsheets, each with many versions. Staying on top of planning and budgeting is said to be frustrating and time consuming.

That is why we created Marketing Planner. An App that provides a joint comprehensive workplace for marketing- and sales teams to plan and follow up marketing activities in Salesforce. Start collaborating and streamline your SMB marketing operations!

Marketing Activity Planning
Calendar Overview (Gantt view)

Marketing Channel Coordination
100% Lightning Ready
Configurable in Salesforce setup

ONLY 15 $

user / month

Available On Salesforce AppExchange
  • Marketing Planner has been developed after many years of experience in marketing planning for marketing organizations. The App is built specifically with SMB marketers in mind, to align sales and marketing with an effective process and a user-friendly tool.

    You don’t need consultants to start using Marketing Planner, simply install it from the AppExchange and assign licenses to users involved in your marketing planning process. If you are in need of a modification to the set up, your Salesforce system administrator can easily do this.