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Marketing Strategies & Tactics For Pokemon Go?

Marketing strategies & tactics for Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a huge success! It is the most popular mobile game ever. In only a few weeks, it has generated tens of millions of users.

But despite a fantastic opportunity for marketing only a few companies are using Pokemon Go as a marketing channel. Given the millions of users and the opportunity to drive traffic, Pokemon Go should have an important place in any marketing plan.

But there is another lesson to be learned, a more strategic one. There will always be another new mobile game exploding with users, another new social media and more new channels for communications, exploding in just the same way as Pokemon Go. Your competitors will be there, so you should probably as well.

  This requires an agile planning approach. A one year marketing plan can never capture these changes, coming with ballistic speed. Being agile, to plan and embrace changes is critical for your success. If you have not added Pokemon Go in your marketing mix, you are probably not agile enough. Being agile requires a change of mindsets, a change of processes and tools to support the new ways of working. At Musqot we are the new kids on the block, being agile is in our DNA. We can provide a platform that enables you to work agile, to capture the new trends and channels as soon as they happen. But we can’t help you to catch Pokemons, you have to manage that yourself.

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