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Running meetings instead of getting the job done?

We have all been there, sitting a full day in different meetings but not getting any job done. According to Harvard Business Review about 15% of the working time is spent in meetings. On top of that, there is time spent to prepare for the meetings. Some studies claims that it takes on average 4 hours to prepare for status meetings. 

We often make a mistake in how we think about a ”one hour meeting”. The truth is that if there are 8 persons in the meeting it is actually an 8 hours meeting, a full working day! And if the meeting requires some preparation the actual meeting time can easily equal two or three working days for this ”one hour meeting”. Meetings can be toxic, wasting so much time. 

Status meetings, especially, are not only time consuming but can easily be replaced. The purpose of status meetings is of course to share information and they represent about 20% of all meetings. But by using smart collaboration tools, like Musqot, all the information and status updates can be shared online, removing the needs for status meetings. 
Collaboration tools like this, will also ensure that the statuses are also the latest and the correct ones. This seems like it should be obvious, but we have all been to meetings where so much time is spent on discussing which of the spreadsheets that is the latest and the right one. 

Cutting down on the number of meetings is a simple and very efficient way to increase the productivity. Rather than sitting in endless meetings and discussions, we can free up time to actually getting the job done!

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