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Born global

Musqot – we are born global!

Last week, when attending a seminar hosted by the leading Swedish business media, I learned that very few Swedish small and medium size companies are selling outside Sweden. 9 out of 10 companies are not exporting anything.

To us at Musqot, this is very surprising. At Musqot, we are born global. We started with a development team in India and with a eco-system in the US. Our first new customer was a US company.

Our business is to improve and to streamline our customers marketing operations, to improve their marketing ROI. Although we see some interesting differences between countries, there are always more similarities. Actually, we see more differences between different industries than between different countries.

At Musqot we have a laser sharp focus to help our customers in one area, to improve their marketing ROI. This challenge is the same, regardless if your company is based in San Fransisco, Stockholm or Singapore.

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