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Tools for a great day at the trade-show!

In our endeavor to be as effective and economical in all we do, we want to tell you about a small technical solution that solves many problems and makes life easier at the trade-show.

We often see how exhibitors are using an entire laptop to present a slideshow or video on a larger screen. In a larger perspective, one can say that this means that one individuals computer is blocked to do one thing and only one thing that day, being a 500 € video player.

We at Musqot have chosen another way to solve this, we use a Raspberry Pi to present our content to larger screens. This little computer (the size of a credit card) is equipped with familiar standard connections, and it has an HDMI output . The cost is low, very low … for only about 50 € you get a great little computer / video player for the exhibition, intended to do one thing that day… use your laptop as usual, smile and don’t panik…  about not being able to respond to customers’ email for a whole day.


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