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Marketeers Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash your creativity

As marketeers, creativity is in our DNA’s. More than anything else, we strive for creativity.

We want to be creative as individuals and we want to enable our marketing teams to be creative. This is not only to be cool, it is a strategic and competitive edge. In a time where products and services are becoming similar and where we can use the same channels as our competitors, creativity is a competitive advantage. Both in terms of traditional meaning of creativity – making cool marketing campaigns – as well as being creative in how to navigate the new media landscape. A creative mix of social media, prints, TV, radio, and influencer management – just to mention a few channels.

I am sure that you have seen Mad Men, the TV show. The more stressed they are, the closer to the deadline and the more smoking and drinking – the more creative they become. A classic image from this time and business. It is a great TV show. In the real world however, especially in a marketing team, it is not as cool.

We know that stress can be a huge problem. Although some types of stress are good, increasing energy levels and drive performance. But stress is also big problem. Negative stress is often about a lack of control, when team members perceive that they are not on top of the details. Not knowing if all the small and big tasks, activities and projects are progressing as planned.  Lack of control is actually the key driver for negative stress, causing lots of problems for the individuals as well as for the team. One of the problems is lack of creativity. Since the marketing teams are being stressed by lack of control, the don’t have any energy left to be creative. To put it very simple, lack of control will lead to a lack of creativity.

Although it seems like a contradiction – better control will unleash the creativity in your marketing team.

Companies that are using Musqot often tells us that they have a much better control than before. Not surprising, since most of our customers previously used spreadsheets, which is still the most common way for marketing teams to work. We all know it, spreadsheets does not provide the right level of control for what is going on, especially not in a large, distributed marketing team. And the lack of control leads to negative stress.

At Musqot we have developed our solution to support the needs of the marketing team. It is our heritage, where we come from. Since we provide the right level of control, not too much but just enough, Musqot will reduce the stress and enable marketing teams to work smarter and more efficient –  to unleash the creativity in your team.



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