We know from experience that among our Enterprise customers, the use cases are often similar in different companies within the same industrial vertical.

Use Case for Retail Companies


The Retail Industry is in the middle of a strategic transformation, where e-commerce is changing the concept of shopping. Although e-commerce is growing with double digits, the lion share of sales is still generated by traditional stores for most product groups. This is a challenging combination, since marketing has to support digital traffic and conversion while at the same time drive direct consumers into physical stores. For the consumers the shopping experiences must be consistent, and true to the brand, regardless of channel.

Retail marketing is mostly driven by weekly, bi-weekly or monthly campaign themes followed by local adaptions and complementary campaigns and activities. The main campaigns are planned long in advance, either based on calendar events such as Easter or Christmas or by product plans, collections or new releases. The campaigns are built around a combination of product offerings and price promotions, communicated directly to customers and supported by central communications in broad media.

Since it is common with last minute changes in pricing and product offerings, the internal communication is critical, both within the marketing team and with other stakeholders like regions, purchasing departments and sales teams. Collaboration is however often based on e-mails, chats around the coffee machine, local spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. This is simply not sufficient and will cause lots of double work and increased risk for mistakes.

Something that adds complexity in the marketing planning process, not least from a financial perspective, is the shared marketing investments that are often being jointly managed by retail companies and their suppliers.
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Shared overview of the marketing plan (Gantt calendar)

To collaborate effectively you will need a holistic view of the marketing plan, and immediate access to details about all your campaigns and activities. By using Musqot Marketing Planner you will enable the users, both inside the marketing team and stakeholders outside the team, to gain full access to updated and relevant information about the main campaigns, central communications and local adaptations. It is a huge benefit for the extended teams to see the full scope of all actual plans, rather than only fragmented parts. 

Project- and production workflows with greater efficiency

In the production of retail marketing campaigns, lead times are crucial. Offerings and promotions have to be finalized as late in the process as possible, in order to match market expectations in a competitive way. Using Musqot Marketing Planner will enable retail companies to cut lead times, since all changes are updated and communicated as they happen. Of course, there are also approval workflows to be used when needed. This means that you can wait longer before locking the final details of a campaign, which in turn lets you stay one step ahead the competition.

Enabling performance insights with reporting and dashboards

Retail companies are report and data intensive enterprises, with highly sophisticated demands for accurate documentation of planned, approved and spent marketing investment, as well as outcome in terms of online and offline sales, store visitors, target deviations etc. Salesforce powers the Report- and Dashboard engine of Musqot Marketing Planner. Custom templates are built for each retail customer in order to meet their requirements for deep-dive reporting as well as high-level dashboards. The scope covers precisely all information handled in the system, sliced and diced as desired by each stakeholder in the organization.

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Significantly better marketing plan overview, across all involved organizational functions.

Improved collaboration combined with improved quality control. Simply put - fewer mistakes.

Highly increased accuracy and reliability in delivery times and deadlines. 

Highly improved financial control, in all steps from initial budgeting through approval steps and follow up.

Incredible time saving in reporting processes, and substantial gains in report quality and accuracy.

Concrete insights about WHERE and HOW marketing performance can be improved.

Increased internal understanding for the marketing function.

Higher recognition and mandate for the marketing department.

Discover the full story!

Discover the full story!

Feel free to download a PDF version of our booklet, it contains a brief presentation to the area of MPM from a general point of view.

We also give you some handy tips on the most important aspects to consider when procuring an MPM solution. Finally, we have summarized some industry-specific use cases that we hope might make it even easier to draw parallels to your own company.

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